International Childhood Cancer Day with Sydni Smiles

International Childhood Cancer Day With Sydni Smiles

Only when everyone stands together to rally around a common goal, can we continue the fight to eradicate childhood cancer. Sharing vital information, supporting others during their battle, and increasing research funds for specialized treatments are crucial. Not only to the diagnosed children, but to their families, communities, doctors, researchers, cancer survivors, and many others. International Childhood Cancer Day is a way to keep those fighting cancer from being forgotten or overlooked, no matter where they live. This day is dedicated as a global effort across many organizations to make childhood cancer a national and global priority. Not only to bring more awareness and support but to also strive to make treatments available on a global scale. Everyone involved in International Childhood Cancer Day believes every child should have access to:

  • Accurate diagnosis even at early stages
  • Quality treatments and medicines that are suitable for the child
  • Follow up and survivorship care
  • Pain-free end of life care

So when is International Childhood Cancer Day? February 15th is the day devoted to raising awareness for International Childhood Cancer. In the US alone, only 4% of a $5 billion budget is allocated to research for childhood cancer treatments. Raising awareness is one of the many ways people can help pediatric cancer research receive more funding to save more lives.

Ways to get Involved on International Childhood Cancer Day 2023

  • The easiest way to show love and support is to simply become a golden beacon. The gold ribbon is the universal symbol of childhood cancer. So pin a ribbon to your shirt, install a ribbon car decal, or deck-out in gold accessories and start a conversation. Encourage friends, family, and local businesses to come together and create awareness for those affected by childhood cancer. 
  • Volunteer your time! Local neighborhood, or online, nonprofits are always in need of people willing to lend a helping hand. There are numerous nonprofits who continue to spread hope, each fighting against cancer in their own special way.
  • Another way you can get involved is to start a conversation. Be a voice for those children who are fighting for their lives. Social media is a great platform to initiate a discussion, share nonprofit event information, repost helpful resource information, and more. 
  • Bond with your local families affected by cancer. Hospital stays for treatments are stressful for both the parents and children involved. Gifting a thoughtful basket of goodies and comfort items goes a long way to helping take their minds off of their situation. 
  • You can also support a family through creating fundraisers. Over the course of a child’s treatments, most families end up working less hours or even leaving their jobs. This is another stress added on top of everything the family is trying to overcome. Even those who have insurance struggle to handle the additional financial strain on their budget. From setting up a lemonade stand like Alex’s Foundation or selling handicrafts, there’s endless possibilities for fundraising ideas.
  • Join social media campaigns, such as #throughtheirhands or #supportkidswithcancer, and continue to share important information on childhood cancer. Sharing pamphlets, flyers, or websites with others ensures that information is passed along to those who might need it. The fight against cancer needs everyone’s efforts to increase awareness, funds, and accessibility to treatments. So that one day, every child will have the chance to live a life to the fullest extent.