The Golden Light Of The Childhood Cancer Ribbon

Childhood Cancer Ribbon

According to the American Childhood Cancer Organization, more than 80% of children diagnosed with cancer will now survive five years and even longer. Even with the advances in medicine over the recent years, there is still much work to be done. Every child is fighting their own battle to be one of those in the 80%. 

The Reason Behind the Gold Color of the Childhood Cancer Ribbon

Just like how the pink ribbon universally stands for breast cancer, there was a need for a symbol to represent childhood cancers. This symbol would help create an awareness and support network for not only just a specific type but stands for all types of childhood cancers.  

By gaining a recognizable symbol, childhood cancer patients, researchers, and advocates can gain more resources to dedicate towards defeating these diseases. 

Gold is the perfect color to represent childhood cancers. Not only is gold classified as a precious metal, but gold is also thrown into the fire during the process of refinement to become stronger. This relates to children so well as children are treasures to their families and communities. In addition, children also transform through their difficult battles and perseverance.  Even more so, the color gold represents the light and hope that one day there won’t be any children dying from cancer. 

Who Does the Childhood Cancer Ribbon Represent?

As mentioned above, the childhood cancer ribbon represents all types of childhood cancers. Which means it also represents the people affected by childhood cancers like:

  • The children who continue to fight their battle everyday
  • The survivors who now fight a different battle with the side effects of treatments
  • The families whose lives have been rocked to the core from the realities of cancer and changed forever
  • The volunteers, advocates, staff and medical practitioners who rally behind those affected by childhood cancers

Join Sydni Smiles by Standing with the Gold Ribbon: Childhood Cancer

The children and families affected by childhood cancers need everyone’s support. The battles they face and the road ahead of them is difficult and confusing. It helps to know that you are not alone in your fight, this is why sharing our support with the gold ribbon is so important. It inspires people and organizations to demonstrate their commitment and support to those fighting the battle for survival. Everyone from community volunteers, colleagues, friends, and family members to local organizations, churches, and government offices can easily show their support by: